About Me

I  came to the study and practice of psychotherapy through my own healing  journey. Along the way, I have been blessed to receive benefit from a  variety of modalities, including physical practices, spiritual training,  and traditional talk therapy. I continue to be surprised and amazed by  what appears to me as an organic, creative movement towards healing and  wholeness that exists in all of us. I find that this creative movement  is supported and enhanced by a grounded human presence, ideally one who  has also spent time in her own internal seas--through the stormy parts  and the sublime. My wish is to provide ballast for your healing journey.  
To  that end, I have received education and training in a variety of therapeutic, somatic, and energetic practices, including:

~~MA Counseling Psychology, Sonoma State University  
~~MIM in Intuition Medicine from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®  
~~yoga instructor certification, The Yoga Studio  
~~massage therapist certification, Alive and Well! Institute of Conscious Bodywork

~Other trainings and workshops include~  
~EMDR level I and II training with Laurel Parnell~  
~Mindfulness in Psychotherapy with Rob Fisher~  
~Meditation and Trauma with Sakti Rose and Sharda Rogell~  
~Bereavement, grief and loss training through Sutter VNA and Hospice by the Bay~  
~Somatic Experiencing® workshop with Raja Selvam~  
~Reiki training~  
~Shiatsu training~  
~I invite you to call or e-mail today~